Panos Kalnis

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Office: Building 1, 4414
Division of Mathematical and Computer Sciences and Engineering (MCSE)
PO Box: #1193
4700 King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)
Thuwal 23955
Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966 - 2 808 0343


Last updated:  22-March-2010

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Associate Professor, KAUST

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Short Bio: I am associate professor in the Division of Mathematical and Computer Sciences and Engineering at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). Prior to joining KAUST, I was assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science, National University of Singapore (NUS). In the past I was involved in the designing and testing of VLSI chips at the Computer Technology Institute, Greece. I also worked in several companies on database designing, e-commerce projects and web applications.
I received my Diploma in Computer Engineering from the Computer Engineering and Informatics Dept. , University of Patras, Greece, and my PhD from the Computer Science Dept., Hong Kong UST

In 2009 I was on sabbatical in Stanford University.

Research Interests: I am a member of the InfoCloud @ KAUST group. I work on Databases and Information management. Specifically, I am interested in: Database outsourcing and Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Peer-to-Peer, OLAP, Data Warehouses,  Spatial-Temporal and High-dimensional Databases, GIS, Security - Privacy - Anonymity

Graduate students
PostDocs and PhD students wanted!
Essam Mansour, PostDoc - Parallel Algorithms for Large-scale String Matching
Chedy Raissi, PostDoc - Information Privacy

Xue Mingqiang, PhD (co-supervised with Dr. Hung Keng Pung) - Private Information Retrieval
Gabriel Ghinita, PhD (Graduated: May 2008) - Privacy and Anonymity (currently: PostDoc at Purdue Univ. )
Zhu Zhenzhou, MSc (Graduated: January, 2007) - Information Retrieval in P2P systems.
Li Xiaochen, MSc (Graduated: May, 2004) - Spatial Joins on Mobile Computers.
Mohammed Kasim Imthiyaz, MSc (Graduated: August, 2004) - Iceberg Queries on Distributed and Centralized Databases.

Selected Publications

[Full publication list] [DBLP record]

Database Systems (CS245 - Fall 2009)
Advanced Topics in Data Management (CS341 - Spring 2010)

Professional Activities
PC Member: DaWaK 2003, DMDM 2003, WebS 2006, DASFAA 2006, DaWaK 2006, DEECS 2006, SBBD 2006, DOLAP 2006, DASFAA 2007, APWeb/WAIM 2007, SSTD 2007, ICDE 2007, VLDB 2010