AMCS 354. Asymptotic Methods of Applied Mathematics, Spring 2013, KAUST
Instructor: Aslan Kasimov
Lectures:  9:00-10:30 every Monday and Wednesday in Room 9-xxxx

Prereqs: Basic courses in ordinary and partial differential equations
Recommended: AMCS 231 or AMCS 201. 
Asymptotic approximations, regular and singular perturbations, approximation of integrals, matched asymptotic expansions, method of strained coordinates, method of multiple scales, WKB method, homogenization, bifurcation and stability, applications to ordinary and partial differential equations.


  1. P. Miller, Applied Asymptotic Analysis.
  2. M. Holmes, Introduction to Perturbation Methods.The e-book is availabe at KAUST.

Tentatively, the final grade will be based on homework (~65%) and one midterm exam (~35%).

The final syllabus will become available closer to the beginning of the term. The primary text is by P. Miller and I plan to follow it closely.